By Gary Baker South OZ.

The Latest version of OZRadio is It can be downloaded in source and as a binary rpm. I built the binary rpm's on a
Mandrake 9.0 Intel system.

Known Requirements
Linux 2.4 Kernel
Gtk 1.2 or greater
Window Manager such as Kde, Xfce, Icewm etc.
libcddb provides the http album lookup
libvorbis used by vorbis-tools
libao used by OZRadio and vorbis-tools
vorbis-tools Encode ripped files into ogg files
cdrtools :Rip files from cd

Optional software used by OZRadio
atd :programmed recording

OZRadio will work without the optional software installed but the associated functionality will be missing. Once the
optional software has been installed the associated functionality will be there.

OZRadio will work without a Radio Tuner installed into the computer, it just cant play the radio. All the other components will
work if everything has been properly installed.

OZRadio will not configure or install the video4linux drivers required to support a TV/Radio card. The video4linux page has
information on different cards etc. with its drivers.

Building from source
Download ozradio
gunzip ozradio-BETA-
tar -xvf ozradio-BETA-
cd OZRadio
make install

ozradio will be installed into /usr/local/bin
The ozradio man page will be installed into /usr/local/man/man1