Why OZradio
Development Direction
Software Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Buggy Bits
Where does it Install
How Do I Build It

Why OZradio
I am Gary Baker from South Australia, I live in Adelaide and due to my Age/Generation am probably
a bit more of the old fashioned Ozy. Whenever someone has asked me where I am from, for as long
as I can remember I have answered South Oz. Why I dont know. Does it have anything to do
with Dorothy, no not really. Does it Matter. No not really. Anyway Im pretty happy that I can knock
together this code and maybe people from all over the world, religeon, colour, sexuality etc..
doesnt matter, can use it.

OZradio has been written on a Mandrake 9.0 system running KDE 3.0 with a Brooktree BT878 Video/FM
card. It is written in 'C' and the GUI was written using GLADE 1.2 (Excellent GUI Development tool).
OZradio will run in many window managers including KDE, GNOME and XFCE although all of my testing is done in KDE.
Its probably kind of strange, but I prefer to work in the KDE environment but reckon the GLADE tool is
the best GUI development tool for the way I code.

Development Direction
OZradio is being developed as rapidly as I can. Originally I intended to write an application to play FM
radio on BTTV compatible cards and nothing more. But once I did that and realised how simple the base
radio player was to write, I thought I would expand it. There are often radio shows I would like to listen
to but I am at work so I thought I would record them. This has expanded the development of OZradio.

OZradio will continue to be developed on Mandrake Linux. I have no intention of and will not port it to any Microsoft environments,

Software Requirements
OZradio requires a 2.4xx kernel and Linux.
GTK 1.2 or greater is required and a Window manager. OZRadio has been tested in KDE only. No other special libraries or software are needed other than the modules to
support your FM/TV card. OZradio assumes you have already installed your card and loaded the
required modules etc. to make it work.

Hardware Requirements
OZradio requires some form of FM radio card and a sound card in the computer. Many different types
OF FM/TV cards will probably work as I use generic video4linux api calls and access things through
/dev/xxxxxxxx . My system is setup with the audio output from the FM/Video card going into the Sound
card input. OZradio expects to be able to access /dev/radioxxxx to tune the radio frequencys,
/dev/mixer and /dev/dsp to record and playback radio.

Buggy Bits
OZradio definately has buggy bits. They will get fixed.
One of the worst bugs at the moment is when you are recording you cant mute or turn down the volume
without turning down the volume at the speakers. The reason for this is because of the way I have coded
the sound through /dev/dsp and if the sound is turned down via the mixer it records at a low level also,
therefore the mixer volume needs to be up and the speakers themselves turned down if you dont want
to hear it during record.

Where Does it Install
OZradio should install from my RPM's into /usr/local/bin . To execute it if /usr/local/bin is not in your
path enter /usr/local/bin/ozradio.

The source tarball you download will extract to the directory ozradio

How do I build it
To build OZradio from source download the .gz file. Extract it using ark. Open up a console window
and cd to where you put the ozradio directory you have extracted. type ./configure
make install

This assumes all of the required libraries etc.. are loaded.
Personally I reckon just install the RPM, if a Mandrake RPM doesnt work your probably in trouble