12/12/03 Sonic-Rainbow
I have finished the development of OZRadio, basically because I have re-written it as
Sonic-Rainbow. Sonic-Rainbow is hosted at Sourceforge and has many bugfixes and functional
improvements over OZRadio. Sonic-Rainbow cannot currently record Radio but if you are looking
for a Radio Player with Multi-Media capability, CD Player, CD Ripping, MP3 player, Ogg Player,
Playlist Editor, HTTP CD Lookup from freedb for the CD Player and Ripper, Storage of CD info
locally so it only has to be looked up on the net once, tagging of Ogg files with CD Info,
display of MP3 Tag information, and a fully functional FM Radio player if a Video4linux
compatable radio card is installed Sonic-Rainbow is a much better choice than OZRadio.
Sonic-Rainbow is a serious long term project for me. In the long term I intend to add the
ability to Play TV and Video's to it also. The ability to record Radio will be added in the short
Download Sonic Rainbow
Sonic-Rainbow Home Page

OZradio is written by Gary Baker South Australia. The purpose of OZradio is to provide a simple
and easy to use GUI application to play and Record FM Radio on BTTV or Video4Linux Compatible cards, Play CD's, Rip CD's to Ogg Files , Play Ogg files and create Playlists.

OZRadio does not require you to have a Radio card. All other Multimedia functionality will work

OZradio has been written in a Mandrake 9.0 Kde 3.0 environment using GTK 1.2 and Glade.

OZRadio Howto and Requirements


FM Radio Tuner
Ogg File Player
Playlist Editor
CD Player
CD Autostart
CD Ripper
HTTP Album details lookup
Sound Mixer built in
Ogg Vorbis File Compression
10 different stations can be saved to programable buttons
Station Freq displayed as mouse is moved over programmed buttons
Mute button
Volume control
Volume Balance
Auto Frequency Scanning
On demand Record
Programable recording
Playback of recordings
Selectable Sampling rate for recording
Custom Labels for programmed buttons
Command line switches
Headphone volume control

Download available in Binary RPM format and source.gz format.

Pre-Programed Recording requires the atd service to be working on the system.

For help, comments or bugs email me at ozscap@bigpond.com.au
OZradio is being developed as quickly as I can, I hope to keep releasing at least twice a month.
Bug reports via my email are greatly appreciated. So I can try and make this into a good solid App.

Download OZradio

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